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Multiple DUIs

If one charge of DUI is bad, then the consequences only grow exponentially more severe with each subsequent criminal charge. In the state of Colorado, driving while under the influence of alcohol is an extremely serious crime and carries with it detrimental ramifications. This is not something to be taken lightly, shrugged off, or ignored in hopes that it will simply go away with time. You need to be confident in a time following your second, third or fourth DUI, that you are being represented by someone who has the desire and resources required to aggressively combat these charges.

As multiple DUIs will increase the ruthless manner in which prosecutors and law enforcements pursue your punishments, you need to be sure that you are taking every step possible to protect yourself. As you will be facing penalties that include jail time, monetary fines, driver's license suspension and the like, you need to be confident that you are working with an attorney who understands the law and will be willing to go to every length available to them to defend you.

Attorney Chris Cessna is compassionate to the severity of the situation that you are facing and the detrimental ramifications that can occur if you do not protect yourself effectively. With years of experience and an intimate understanding of the law, you can be confident that he will never give you anything less than his best effort. No matter your situation, or how daunting you may feel that it is, you can breathe easier if you work with him knowing that he will go the distance to protect your rights.

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